Unexplained Phenomena

by Expo

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This album provides information based in part on theory and conjecture. The band's purpose is to suggest some possible explanations, but not necessarily the only ones, to the mysteries we will examine.


released March 31, 2014

Album cover by Jon Hunt

Voice intro by Johnny Video (johnnyvideo.net)

All songs by Christian Lipski & John Lane
except where with these folks whose contributions are distinctly original:

"Eyewitness Accounts...": Jared Denhard (bagpipes), Mary Edwards (vocals & lyrics), Jon Hunt, Jeremy Jensen, and Joseph Hamilton

Mary's home: www.maryedwardsmusic.com
Jeremy's home: theverymost.com



all rights reserved
Track Name: Roanoke's Lost Colony: The Diary of Virginia Dare
Days in the diary of Virginia Dare
In Roanoke and elsewhere
One by one till we all are gone
Hello Croatoan

One-hundred eighteen through the door
We left the islands of the dead behind
They stopped to write on trees and stones
Something simple for the rest to find

Raleigh’s charter just begun
We took a gamble on a secret plan
It was a risk to life and soul
With forces none of us could understand


One hundred eighteen stood alone
On a bridge about to burn
Then we turned and closed the door
Who could know that we would not return


So we were burdened to the roots
With knowledge we were never meant to know
And when the hinges turn again
Someday it may be your turn to go

Track Name: Bigfoot
Pack up the bags,
pull up the tent,
yes, we're finally gonna meet the man.
Throw out the compass,
rip up the Atlas,
'cause it's a whole new plan.

See him walking through the forest!
Hands as big as two parked cars!

Hey now,
do you believe?

Rip up the bags,
throw out the tent,
say now, where's my turtleneck?
Pack up the Atlas,
pull down the compass,
hey man, tell me what do you suspect?

Now he's eating all those berries!
With all that weight he can't go far!

Hey now, do you believe?
Hey now, do you believe?
Track Name: Unidentified Flying Objects: I Want To Believe
Can you see my house from there?
Do you watch TV?
I apologize for anything you see

Did you build the pyramids?
Do you circle crops?
If you hurt the cows could you please stop?

I want to believe there’s a place we can go
To find out the things we were not meant to know
It’s too ordinary as far as I see
There's got to be somebody from somewhere else
Where people are not as in love with themselves
The world is a mess and I want to believe

Would you ever take a chance
And give someone a ride?
I’d give anything to step inside

Everything is awful here
Nothing is unknown
Funny that four billion feels alone


Maybe you’re all everywhere
Watching from your stealth
Maybe I’m just talking to myself

I don’t care where you are from
or even why you’re here
Living in the mud is what I fear

Track Name: The Abominable Snowman
Leave your lifeline behind
Stare at white and go blind

Never stop never stop

Teach your mind not to feel
Or to tell what is real

Never stop never stop

This is how to hunt the Snowman
This is how

Give up hope every day
But don't stop on your way

Never stop never stop
Track Name: Count of St. Germain: The Man Who Would Not Die
(Back in the days of Atlantis…)

Witness a being of violet fire and
Witness the purity God desires and
Witness the alchemist sanctified
I am the man who would not die

Onward onward to freedom
Follow me the violet flame
I, the power behind the throne
I am he and I am here, the Count Saint Germain

Do I seem familiar?
I may have been known to you
I have had many other names
Merlin, Francis Bacon and Columbus just a few


The wonder man of Europe
Moving us forward and yet
I left so many hearts behind
I weep for Lady Pompadour and sweet Miss Antoinette

A deathless knight commander
A seer who cannot wait
Believer and a teacher
My wisdom and existence must remain a work of faith

Witness the purity God desires
Witness a being of violet fire
Witness the alchemist sanctified
I am the man
I am
Witness the purity God desires
Witness a being of violet fire
Witness the alchemist sanctified
I am the man who would not
I am the man who could not
I am the man who would not die
Track Name: Nostradamus
Take these eyes
They show
Nothing good anymore

Take this mind
I don't
See what I use it for

I see heartbreak in your future
but it can be turned around.
I see a ship that never made it;
it seems it's run aground.
Your prayer might be too big to answer.
Why not try on something small?
Dashed hopes, endless entertainment -
there's a season for them all.

Would you change
Your life
If you heard my advice

And try
Not to relive it twice

Is it strange
To find
There's no right way?

Why not try again, man?
Drop a penny in the cup
Why not try again,man?
Drop a penny in the cup
Track Name: The Bermuda Triangle: The Lost Ones
So hungry so hungry the Triangle feeds
On souls - it needs
The lost ones
Attention attention and SOS
May heaven bless
The lost ones

Missing missing
Empty space
Fear and mystery
Lost in place

Bright and pleasant
Not too far
But so long from
When they are


Something to nothing
Sun to storm
Here and elsewhere
Cold and warm

Gone and gone and
Gone for good
No one hears and
No one would


Secret places
In between
Trapped inside a
Frozen dream

Never knowing
Not again
Wildly wonder
Now and then

Track Name: Ogopogo: Something Strange in Okanagan Lake
There's something strange
in Okanagan Lake.
It once appeared, but went away.
Sweet Ogopogo,
Please come home
to Okanagan Lake!
Track Name: Ghost Possibilities: Life Minus One
So many words left unsaid
So many promises left for dead
And I'm so sorry I'm sorry
But don't you let me in

I am not what I have been
There's nothing to be done
Life minus one

I see fire but there's no heat
All this experience - incomplete
So if you're trying to find me
I hope you let me go


Is there a light in the dark?
Do we become more than what we are?
Am I really talking to someone?
Well even I don't know

Track Name: Spoon-Benders: Spoons and Keys
They came to Earth to give me this
A power wreathed in mystery’s mist
You will find, with just my mind
I leave the solid world behind
I’ll show you my abilities:
Keys and spoons…
And spoons and keys!

It’s there before your open eyes
You cannot help but recognize
Don’t believe the doubting fools
For I dominate the world of kitchen tools!

When Randi steps up to abuse
“Amazing”s not the word I’d use
For he’s too quick to call me liar
I’m no magician I’m a mystifier!

CHORUS (a power weird, by mystery kissed)

This magazine which bears my face
Will bend your keys when set in place
I swear, unless I miss my guess,
You’ll see the psychic power of the press!


Discerning minds appreciate
Deforming things that once were straight
The world will not forget me soon
Forget the Matrix, yes there is a spoon!

CHORUS (a power weird, by mystery kissed)